Sometimes I join musics from the past with art covers from the web and my own graphic design to produce music videos for your enjoyment. The cover art and music are copyrighted to their respective owners, all the rest (graphic design) is copyrighted to me.

If you are the owner of a music and do not want it here, use the contact page to let me know. I will require proof of ownership.

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Midnight Express

メトロイドフュージョンTitle Theme

メトロイドフュージョンEnvironmental Tension

メトロイドフュージョンFacing a Huge Reaction

メトロイドフュージョンItem Acquisition Fanfare

メトロイドフュージョンTension Before a Core X

メトロイドフュージョンSector 4 (AQA)

メトロイドフュージョンUnderwater Depths

メトロイドフュージョンFinal Mission


メトロイドフュージョンThe SA-X Approaches

メトロイドフュージョンTension Crisis Mission

Last updated: 2022/02/09